Sample Home Page

Sample Home Page for EECS Classes

Instructors can copy this document to the standard location in a class master account and then modify it. For example, an instructor could set up a sample home page with these commands:

% mkdir ~/public_html ~/public_html/fa05
% cp /share/b/pub/sample.class.html ~/public_html/fa05/index.html
% chmod 751 ~/public_html/fa05
% chmod 644 ~/public_html/fa05/index.html

Home pages are formatted using the HTML markup language. HMTL formatting tags are enclosed in < > characters and may be upper or lower case characters. Here's a quick tutorial on HTML.

The basic structure of an HTML document is:

<HTML> <HEAD> </HEAD> <BODY> </BODY> <ADDRESS> </ADDRESS> </HTML> Some useful tags are: <P> start a new paragraph <BR> force a new line <HR> draw a horizontal line <XMP> display text "as is", without HTML formatting ... &LT /XMP> <LI> start a list item (</LI> end tags not required)
To set up a menu like this:
  • a link back to the top of this document
  • a link to a document on another server
  • type this: <MENU> <LI> <A HREF="#top"> a link back to the top of this document</A> <LI> <A HREF=""> a link to a document on another server</A> </MENU>

    For information on writing home pages (these may not always be available):

  • Intro to Writing HTML (P. Flynn)
  • Style Guide to Online Hypertext (T. Berners-Lee)

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    Last change: December 2, 2006